Ben’s Dry Cleaners has been operating since 1985. My name is Paul, and I have been the owner here since 1990 and in the dry cleaning business on and off for over 35 years.

Over the years we have increased the number of services that we offer. Now we offer our standard dry cleaning service, our Premier Service, hand finished and cleaned with extra care, for your favourite garments and delicate items, a laundry service, a repair and alteration service an ironing service and a shirt service. We can clean curtains and other household covers, we can clean and heirloom your wedding dress and we also act as agents for leather and suede cleaning, rug cleaning & wax garment cleaning.

We have a carpet cleaner that you can hire and we sell a range of clothes care and haberdashery products. We have also just added our own carpet cleaning service. Go back home to read more about that.

We became one of the first independent dry cleaners in the UK using the Greenearth cleaning system and we hope that our customers appreciate the benefits.

Greenearth is a very gentle solvent that is kind to delicate fabrics and trim but still manages to clean as well as the perklone solvent that we used to use. You will find there is no odour after dry cleaning, your clothes feel softer, and the colours are brighter, colour loss from deep silks and linens are minimal.

Greenearth, as the name suggests, is also good for the environment. It produces less waste, and the waste it produces is less harmful, than other dry cleaning solvents. VOC emmissions are minimal and the solvent itself is non toxic, a spillage of Greenearth would break down into sand, water and carbon dioxide in 6 days, unlike other solvents that would pollute soil and water if not treated.

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