How is it different ?
GreenEarth® is a revolutionary cleaning process, which will rapidly change the consumers’ perceptions of dry cleaning. GreenEarth® is a cleaning process utilising siloxane based solution rather than the traditional perchloroethylene (perc) – a chlorinated solvent.

This gives a number of benefits to the customer, an absence of the characteristic “dry cleaned” odour, a fuller, softer handle to clothes and an assurance of no colour loss or colour fading after repeated cleans. Siloxane is one of the most abundant elements found on the earth, its most common form being silica (sand) and the GreenEarth® solution is derived from this.

Why was GreenEarth Developed ?
For nearly fifty years perchloroethylene (perc) has been the main solvent used in the dry cleaning industry throughout the world. It undeniably offers a good cleaning performance for the majority of fabrics, although it is too aggressive a solution for some items, notably some types of ornamentation which limits its use for cleaning delicate garments and certain dyes which can “run” in perc.

Perc has the potential to be a persistent pollutant of the ground or aquatic environment should it be released to the atmosphere although rigorous controls on its use and handling exist to prevent this occurring.

What are the benefits?
In the environment (atmosphere, ground or aquatic) GreenEarth® degrades rapidly to harmless silica (sand) and does not bio-accumulate. The solution used for GreenEarth® cleaning does not have significant health and safety concerns surrounding its use.

Most importantly, the use of GreenEarth® offers a number of clear and significant benefits for the consumer, the dry cleaner and the garment manufacturer/retailer.

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