We know that your wedding dress is the most precious garment you will ever buy, and we want to help you keep your dress in the best possible condition for the longest possible time.

Your dress should be cleaned after wear, it helps to prevent deterioration, stains (sometimes not even visible stains) can discolour over time and cause damage to the fabric.

Because we use Greenearth solvent, the gentlest dry cleaning solvent available, we can ensure that delicate fabrics and decorations are cleaned safely.

We can even clean dresses marked for Baptiste Method and those that have no instructions at all.

We can then protect your dress in a hand made box, we have our own design boxes at a reduced price.

We also will continue to offer all the dress boxes in all the designs made by The Empty Box Co. See the prices page for more details.

Read our price guide for Wedding Dresses here.

Read our guide on preserving your Wedding Dress here.

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